Environment, Health and safety

Today, the construction sector is highly prone to many hazards and accident potential, since construction materials, tools, machinery and handling techniques all come with their own dangers. As a result, the Environment, Health & safety matter is front mind in every aspects of our constriction.

To ensure safety and health of our employees, workers and subcontractors and to proactively manage those hazardous incidents, we adopt the Safety, Health and Environmental Management System/SHE/ in all our construction projects. The system ensures that our staff work under acceptable Occupational Safety and Health conditions and sets the SHE procedures in managing contractors. The SHE also prescribes our environmental protection measures to keep our work environmentally sustainable.

Moreover, for effective implementation of the SHE procedure and policy the company has in place appropriate structure and business processes. The SHE division mainly focus on ensuring implementation of stipulated internal and external regulation in regard to safety standards, feeling quarries and forestation, proper disposal of wastages, proper utilizationof new machineries, equipment, vehicles and related to minimize pollution. In addition, reusable still and/or aluminum props are being utilized to replace the eucalyptus tree and minimize deforestation.